Non-surgical cure of cataracts
in humans and pets  

This is the discussion between the manufacturers and sellers of eye drops and supplements, which are being used to treat cataracts in people and pets, and the established medical and veterinarian professions.

Some doctors and vets refuse to acknowledge the benefits of using the trauma-free alternative eye drops cataract treatment, even though there is plenty of supporting scientific and testimonial evidence. Is this difference of opinion about treatment and the welfare of the patient, or about money? On the one hand those advocating the use of cataract eye drops profit from their sale, whilst on the other hand, doctors and veterinarians profit from the surgical alternative.
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Ethos Bright Eyes Drops For Cataracts Treatment - Order online for fast deliveries Worldwide - Non-surgical cataract treatment remedy for Macular Degeneration. Many testimonials.

The cost of surgical procedure to replace a cataract in the USA varies up to $3,000 per eye. The cost of a three to six months treatment using cataract eye drops, is approximately $450.00. In the UK waiting time for an operation to be conducted by the National Health Service can be very lengthy, whilst the eye drops are available instantly. Only you can decide which method of cataract treatment is preferable for you, or your pet, but we can at least, let you know which eye drops are the genuine article. Those web sites in our Featured Sites section below sell the identical product to the drops which underwent a trial on the Richard & Judy TV Show, resulting in Judy's announcement "Well, only six weeks after we started the trial, we are already seeing some remarkable results".

Please beware of copy-cat products, as results may be very disappointing. To ensure you are getting the genuine Ethos Products Bright Eyes Drops see the list of approved Partners and Resellers on the Ethos Products web site Click Here

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Ethos Pets - The genuine Bright Eyes drops, which featured on the Richard & Judy Channel 4 TV show.
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  Bright Eyes - Suppliers to the USA and Canada of this amazing natural cure for cataracts. The genuine Ethos Product that featured on the TV trials.
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